We invest in the early stage ventures of exceptionally driven entrepreneurs who are building transformative companies. We’ll work our tails off to help you win.
David Rogier & Aaron Rasmussen
Reimagining online education. 
Learn from the best at their craft
Ben Brown & Katie Spence
Your new digital coworker for Slack
Marco Zappacosta & Jonathan Swanson
World’s largest marketplace
for local service providers
Elad Gil & Othman Laraki
Geo & place API
Acquired by Twitter in 2009
Meaghan Rose & Maia Bittner
Unlimited designer jewelry
Ryan Caldbeck & Rory Eakin
Equity-based crowd-funding
David Greenbaum
Performance advertising creative
Matt Munson & Todd Emaus
Buy photos from today's most relevant photographers
Alex Benzer & Warren Shaeffer
Upload and discover great short videos